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Dr. Sandra M. Schiff

Dr. Sandra Schiff, Ph.D., has a passion for helping people and organizations reach their full potential. Her life coach career advice has changed over 1,000 peoples lives during her 30+ years as a job hunting coach! Her brilliant mentoring & coaching makes for the best career counselling in Michigan!

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What People Say About Us

Dr. Schiff helped me during a life transition. My partner passed away, and I felt the need to create a vision for the future. Dr. Schiff helped me confront issues and challenges at work while keeping me accountable for my actions. We worked on creating strategies so I would continue to move forward in my life. I found this process extremely helpful and as a result I was able to meet my target goals at work, which also helped me personally. I highly recommend Dr. Schiff to anyone dealing with transitions and needing focus. ~ Marcy A.
I came to Dr. Schiff due to a career transition. My position was being eliminated and I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to change my field of practice. Dr. Schiff helped me identify my skill sets and focus on what kind of work would make me happy. Coaching on the telephone a half hour a week was exactly what I needed to keep me going in the right direction. I was able to identify an industry and position I wanted. ~ Kim M.
Dr. Schiff is an excellent parent coach.  I turned to her for assistance when my 16-year-old son was unable to focus on school.  My son has dyslexia and academics is a struggle for him.  As a parent, I felt I didn't have the right "tools" to use to reach him.  Dr. Schiff coached my son over several months.  My son said he felt "greatly encouraged" and more positive about his ability to overcome self-doubt and remain focused with schoolwork.  Dr. Schiff provided me with valuable tools to keep him on track.  She was a tremendous coach to both my son and me at just the right time.  I highly recommend her to anyone! ~ Sara G.
Dr. Schiff’s leadership coaching changed my life professionally and personally. Even though I was in a successful career and had a great family, there was a prevalent feeling of needing to change direction and fulfill a “life purpose” I couldn’t even identify. Through the coaching process, stagnation was turned into action. Purposeful and thought provoking exercises that were suggested helped me achieve change. ~ Juan O.